How Treating Hearing Loss Improves Your Relationships

How Treating Hearing Loss Improves Your Relationships

If you are starting to suspect that you are living with a hearing loss, it is in your best interest not to ignore the issue. When you ignore hearing loss, you are not only ignoring your hearing but every aspect of your total health. 

Being able to hear what people and the world around us are trying to convey is so important for communication. Friendship, professional success, and intimate relationships suffer when communication is strained. 

A gradual decline in hearing

Because hearing loss develops slowly over the years, it can sneak up on just about anyone. The people we see daily are often the first to notice and suggest that you have a hearing loss. It is common to be frustrated at the suggestion but rest assured that anyone who takes the time to talk to you about a possible hearing loss is doing so out of care for your well-being. 

If you are worried about dealing with a hearing loss, remember that you are not alone. Forty-eight million people in the United States, and it is estimated that 477 million worldwide live with hearing loss. If you suspect you are part of this number is essential to seek treatment immediately. 

The side effects of hearing loss are too dangerous to ignore. Communication is crucial to every healthy relationship, making trouble with speech and communication extremely threatening interpersonal relationships’ strength. Hearing loss interferes with our ability to recognize speech. Even when you can hear, it is often difficult to understand. 

Not only that, but when you struggle with speech recognition, it often interferes with communication at work, affecting your success in the workplace. 

Hearing loss and the effect on relationships

People with hearing loss often stop pushing themselves to participate in social activities as it becomes daunting to attend events where it is hard to hear what is being said. This can lead to extreme loneliness and isolation.

Relationships with your family and significant others at home suffer as miscommunication becomes daily and shared humor and intimate conversation decrease. One of the most significant risks of not treating this condition besides the breakdown of your priceless and most loving relationships is that it will not get any better unless a move to deal with the hearing loss is initiated. 

When we cannot hear what is being said, over time, our brain struggles to piece together what is being communicated, taking away the cognitive ability from other aspects of our brain’s work. This cognitive strain has been linked to higher cases of dementia. Once this occurs, sadly, your relationships may not fully recover.

Seeking treatment for hearing loss.

It can take up to 10 years for some that have already been diagnosed with hearing loss to seek treatment. Don’t be part of this statistic, as there is no benefit to putting off dealing with this severe condition. 

The stigmas of hearing loss no longer carry the weight they previously did. Hearing aids do not make you look old but have you acting more youthful as you can again participate in the conversation and keep your valued relationships vibrant. 

Don’t let frustration and resentment take control of your relationships. The first step in treating your hearing loss is scheduling a hearing test. Hearing tests are quick, painless, and can assess your hearing loss so that the appropriate hearing aid can be recommended for you and your lifestyle.  

Hearing aids could help you too

Hearing aids can relieve the dependence you may have developed on your family members and friends while not being able to navigate the world on your own with untreated hearing loss. Removing that burden can make you feel more equal in your dynamics at home, at work, and with friends. 

At home with your significant other, enjoy increased intimacy that may have diminished when ignoring your hearing loss. When social situations start to feel fun again, you will find adding play back into your life with your friends and family. The result is the return of the intimacy you may have spent a lifetime building. Don’t live another day with untreated hearing loss. Your loved ones are too important to put this off any longer.