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Jason Rickman, Au.D is an expert in audiology care and has been providing comprehensive services to the Wilmington area for five years. At Excel Audiology, we focus on providing individualized care that prioritizes meeting specific individual needs and transforming hearing health. Dr. Rickman is committed to providing effective treatment, informed by expertise and experience, that enhances your daily life!

Audiologist Programming Hearing AidsAudiologist Programming Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Services

In addition to offering various hearing aid options, we also provide hearing aid services to ensure your device is a perfect fit and continues to work optimally. This includes conducting real ear measurements to customize hearing aids to your specific preferences. We program your hearing aids with the optimal settings that support great sound quality. When you receive your device, we take the time to show you how to best use, care, and maintain your hearing aids.
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Hearing Evaluation of Senior ManHearing Evaluation of Senior Man

Hearing Evaluations

We provide a range of services that diagnose, treat, and maintain your hearing health. This includes high quality diagnostic testing. Testing involves noninvasive and painless processes that identify hearing loss, the degree of impairment, and specific type that you may be experiencing. At Excel Audiology we use a few different tests to closely assess your ears and hearing. This includes tympanometry, sound, and speech testing which comprehensively measure your hearing capacity in both ears.
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Woman with TinnitusWoman with Tinnitus

Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus can be debilitating. One of the most common symptoms of hearing loss, tinnitus describes the buzzing or ringing like noise experienced in one or both ears. It can occur regularly, taking a toll on sleep and disrupting daily life. Dr. Rickman provides informed care for people navigating tinnitus. In addition to diagnosing and treating hearing loss which is most often the underlying condition triggering tinnitus, we provide strategies and resources on effective ways to alleviate tinnitus.
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Latest Hearing Technology

At Excel Audiology, we offer the latest hearing aid technology from major manufacturers. Hearing aids now offer powerful technology in modern designs. With rechargeable options, Bluetooth connectivity, remote programming, and tinnitus features, hearing aids bring significant benefits to users. In addition to improving cognitive abilities and communication, hearing aids offer features to help wearers stay safe and healthy. 
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Personally Molded EarplugsPersonally Molded Earplugs

Hearing Protection

Environmental exposure to loud noise, infrequently or consistently, is a major cause of hearing loss. Loud noise can damage the hair cells in the inner ear which are critical for processing soundwaves. As personal audio devices have become integral to daily living, the risk of developing hearing loss has increased. Being proactive about protecting your hearing can significantly reduce this risk and maintain quality hearing. At Excel Audiology we provide custom hearing protection that protects the ears from the impact of loud noise. Our services include taking custom molds of your ears to create ear pieces that comfortably fit and provide effective protection from the hazards of loud noise.
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Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) Testing

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is what the brain does with what we hear. People with auditory processing disorder have trouble interpreting what is being said, despite having normal hearing. This condition can affect the way they understand speech, follow oral instructions and distinguish speech in the presence of background noise. APD is prevalent in school age children and can coincide with other conditions such as ADD or dyslexia. It is important that those who suspect they have APD, with these symptoms, are tested and diagnosed by an Audiologist.
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deaf woman takes a hearing testPersonally Molded Earplugs

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Prioritize Your Hearing Health!

Prioritizing your hearing health can change your life. Treating hearing loss drastically enhances hearing and communication which has far-reaching effects on all aspects of life. Strengthened communication offers countless benefits including: improves relationships, enriches social life, boosts confidence, and fully supports people navigating daily life independently. This is great for overall health, longevity, and quality of life!

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